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Supervision-Management 1100 Assignment 3, Chapter 1 Jessica Russotto Due: January 22 nd 2011 A part-time employee from another department wants to transfer to your department as a benefited, full time employee. What should you do? C. Refer the person to your manager and this is why? The employee should be interviewed then if they are selected for the position should be trained. Also they should be evaluated to see if their suitable for the position. The reason why I would refer the employee to my manager is because I think it needs to be more looked into then to just accept or deny the transfer. You need to see how qualified the employee is regarding the position they want to be transferred to. Also there should be a talk with the supervisor of the department
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Unformatted text preview: that the employee is trying to transfer from. You need to see what type of worker the employee is and their attendance. You need to figure out how much training you will have to give to the employee once they are transferred to the new department. There definitely needs to be some kind of meeting between both supervisors of each department and the head of management to discuss this. Also if you are not the person that hires or fires people and it’s up to the head of management it should definitely be given to them for them to make the final decision. Overall I think everything should be looked at from all angles before accepting or denying the employee....
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