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Supervision-Management 1100 Assignment 4, Chapter 2 Jessica Russotto Ask their supervisor, which of the following actions would you consider to be most effective in handling Darlene’s dissatisfaction with her job? List these five alternatives in order with the first (1) being the most preferable action through five (5), the least preferable. Explain why you ranked each answer the way you did. 1) B. Ask what Darlene would do to make her job more interesting, then try to incorporate her suggestions. 2) A. Demonstrate to Darlene that she is well paid for the work she does compared to the rates for other work at the company 3) C. Change the job so that Darlene rotates assignments with coworkers doing similar work in your department 4) E. Suggest that, if Darlene is so unhappy, she should look for work elsewhere. 5) D. Ignore Darlene’s complaints since your attention may lead her to expect more than you can deliver. I choose B first because since she said she has suggestions that would make her work easier to
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Unformatted text preview: hear her out on what her ideas are. You should always be open to hear new ideas that employees have. I choose A second because maybe the employee needs to be reminded that their job is important and that she gets paid well for what she does. I choose C third because rotating assignments is a good idea but I think you should check with the other employees in the department to make sure its ok to change the routine after all you want things to be fair. I choose E fourth because I think it should be one of the last resorts you dont want to make the employee feel like because of what she said her job is now on the line. I choose D last because I think thats the last thing you should do is ignore an employees complaint. You dont want to make them feel like their opinion doesnt matter at all to you. You also want them to feel like they can come to you with suggestions and complaints. These are the reasons why I chose to put them in the order I did....
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