Supervision Management 1100 Assignment 9, Chapter 4

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Supervision Management 1100 Assignment 9, Chapter 4 Jessica Russotto 1. D 2. C 3. E 4. A 5. B I think he could have handled the situation a little better he should have investigated it more instead of just coming to conclusions of whose fault it was. I think Joanna was the obvious answer for him because she is in charge of keeping track of the temperatures but there could have been more to. I do think that she or someone should have been informed that the belts were being shut off due to that the machine was being cleaned and there were some problems. Joanna being suspended was not the right thing to do at all she had no control over the matter she was not informed. I do think that if any repairs are being done on the machine that Joanna should
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Unformatted text preview: have been informed to make sure that everything was working right whatever they were working on. I also think there should have been some report of it so Arsenio knew of this information and work that was being done on the machine. There seems to be a little lack of communication here and there needs to be a lot more of it so everyone knows what is going on. So when something happens they know why instead of just coming to conclusions and blaming people. There should be some kind of record sheet kept by the machine when it is being turned on or off of everything that has been done so there is record and no excuse of why someone wouldnt know....
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