Supervision Management 1100 Assignment 10, Chapter 4

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Supervision Management 1100 Assignment 10, Chapter 4 Jessica Russotto While on her break you notice that Bethany is using her personal laptop to check up on her stock portfolio and make a few trades. She is connected through the company’s wireless network. What do you do? I go to the procedures manual and go to 517 Internet Usage in the handbook. It says that employees can use the internet for personal use on their laptops before, after or on break at work.
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Unformatted text preview: So Bethany is not breaking any codes at work. Since she is checking her stock portfolio and making a few trades it does not say anything in the handbook regarding that. As long as she is not doing anything that would disrespect any employee or company regulations then she is fine. I would just remind her to make sure that she follows employee policy on the internet....
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