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The Difference between Muslim and Arab Groups Often times people mistake the term Arabs and Muslims. There are many differences between the two groups and just because one person belongs to one group doesn’t mean they have to belong to the other. It is important to know the history and locations of each group so that the differences will be more apparent. This essay will define the two groups, give geographic locations of each in both the Middle East and the Unites States, and will provide examples of leadership of both Arabs and Muslims. Hopefully in turn, one will be able to better understand and tell the difference between the two. Webster’s Dictionary” defines the term Arab as, “a member of a Semitic people inhabiting Arabia and other countries of the Middle East.” In other words Arabs are just a people that live or where born in a certain country in the Middle East, specifically from Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. They speak Arabic language and have the freedom to choose whatever religion they want. Just because a person is Arab, doesn’t mean they are Muslim, however, most are. The main way these people are describes as Arab is their location. It can be easy to mix up the two
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SWoodruffArabsvsMuslims - The Difference between Muslim and...

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