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appendix h - 12 B Vehicle is singular so “test drives...

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Axia College Material Appendix H Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Answer Form Enter the correct answer for each item by typing either a or b in the second column. Provide an explanation for each choice in the Rationale column. The boxes expand to accommodate your text. Item Correct Answer (a or b) Rationale 1. A Sentence A is correct because it states “ a famous animal rights activist”, meaning one person. 2. B There is only one action in the sentence, so you need to add an S to require. 3. A Vitamins is plural, so “are not regulated” is correct. 4. A “has became” does not agree. So answer A is correct 5. A “have taken” is the correct subject verb agreement. 6. B Since it is past tense, “laid” is the correct word to use. 7. B Since it is a proposal to work on the campaign, the speaker must say “ I am”. 8. A Have appeared is the correct format. 9. A “have” is not necessary, since it is a past tense sentence. 10. B 11. B Patients is accepting the action from the subject.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. B Vehicle is singular, so “test drives it” is correct. 13. B “Their” is possessive. His or her could mean someone else’s notes. COM 150 14. A Since there are two listed, “they” is needed to make the pronoun and antecedent agree. 15. A There are two pronouns. 16. B His or her is the correct format for the sentence. 17. A His or her is correct. 18. B “Me” is grammatically incorrect in this sentence. 19. B If you took out “bob”, the sentence would not make sense. 20. A “my best friend and me” does not make sense. 21. A Whom is not necessary in this type of sentence. 22. B Having “To” as the first word makes who turn into whom. 23. A “Whom” would not work in this sentence. 24. B Sentence A refers to the tree as making a horrible sound, so sentence B is correct. 25. A Sentence B is vague because it is not clear what exactly is a big problem for the cities. COM 150...
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appendix h - 12 B Vehicle is singular so “test drives...

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