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changeblindness - by far the hardest so far I eventually...

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Samantha Woodruff Demo B1: Change Blindness September 25, 2011 Cognitive Psyc In the first photo scene of the mountains, I had a very difficult time identifying the color change. I think if it would have been a mountain or a tree, I would have been able to find it quicker. In the second photo of the diver, I almost immediately noticed the color change in the pole. I think this is because it was the more forward object in the picture, so it was the focal point for me. In the third trial, the Japanese garden with the moon, It was also rather quick for me to notice that the moon was reversed, not as easy as the last one though. The Hoosier Pass sign was
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Unformatted text preview: by far the hardest, so far. I eventually gave up and randomly clicked everywhere. Then I finally noticed the bolts were changed, and if someone were to point this out to me I would easily see it. In the fruit stand photo with the man walking, I stared for quite some time before I noticed the difference in the fruit. However I only had one incorrect click on that one. The Astronaut was the absolute most difficult for me now. I feel like it clicked a hundred times an still had to abort the trial because I thought I would never find it. The last photo of the little girl was easy after about 30 seconds. The flowers on her dress were an easy find....
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