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checkpoint1 - are hungry however we do need energy I found...

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After viewing the video about the Bridger Teton National Forrest, it is clear that the people who frequent the area, are all for preservation of this beautiful land. However, due to people constantly taking advantage of our earth’s resources, we are headed for an energy crisis. So the question is, to drill or not to drill? Conservation is the act of using the earth’s resources to benefit human lifestyles. Can it be done economically friendly? I am not sure, but people are saying we can. I believe the earth is not just a candy dish for us to dip our hands into when we
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Unformatted text preview: are hungry, however, we do need energy. I found it sort of funny that the parks fans said they support the need for energy, but they just don’t want the drilling there. Well as said in the video, each place is always going to be someone’s favorite, so there is always going to be a group of unhappy people. I love the environment and wish people would preserve more, but the fact of the matter is it is impossible to get everyone on the ball, so what need to be done, needs to be done. Whether it is in the Tetons, or somewhere else, energy must be obtained....
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