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conformityresponse - However generally the artistic kids...

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In my assigned response, the writer stated that because Donnie is a quiet guy, he may be more of the type to have low self-esteem issues. It also states that this may cause him to have mental health problems, which can lead to drug use and alcohol use. This did make me see a different side of the scenario. I do agree that it is sometime the ones with low self esteem that reach to drugs and fall into peer pressure, rather than the confident popular people. However, I did not agree with the statement that he may also be a follower in life and not a leader. Yes, it is possible.
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Unformatted text preview: However, generally the artistic kids with only a few friends are not the followers. They tend to not worry too much about having so many friends and being the “cool kid”. I feel like Donnie would not be either a follower or a leader, but more or less an individual focusing on his own needs and wants. I do agree with the part about Donnie possibly being introduced to drugs and alcohol by future band mates. Typically that can be the case with bands of young people. However, anything is possible....
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