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Unformatted text preview: Samantha Woodruff Sci/275 5/06/10 Energy Resource Challenges In the “Alternative energy” video the first energy resource they talk about wind generators is about wind generators. These wind generators are pretty much tall towers with enormous fan blades which rotate using the wind force. These generators create electricity when the wind, forces the blades to rotate. Wind generators are currently in use in the United States and Europe, and it’s proving to be an efficient method to create electricity. Another source mentioned in the video is solar power. Solar power is generated when solar panels collect sun light beams which turn gears in a generator providing energy. The video also mentions the production of bio fuels like ethanol which it has been in use since the gas crisis of the 70’s. The ethanol fuel is basically made out of the corn, but, according to the video scientists is experimenting with the material that is left behind by the farmers after they collect the corn and...
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