final science project - Every day resources are wasted due...

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Every day resources are wasted due to people not being conservative of what they use. Humans do not realize the amount of pollution they cause on a day to day basis. Many things that humans do might seem harmless, but really are not and most people don’t care, don’t think before they act, or just don’t care at all. The ocean waters today have some of the worst pollution ever. There are many factors around the world that contribute to oceans being polluted. A couple of factors that will contribute to ocean pollution over the years are point source pollution and the fishermen and fisherwomen that fish, and also the boaters who just cruise along the oceans on a day to day basis dumping waste into the ocean harming the marine wildlife. Another factor that really affects these oceans is the offshore rigs that contain chemicals. These chemicals are spilled every day and this causes serious trauma to all the marine wildlife and human population that visit the ocean on a day to day basis. If these things could be conserved, the oceans could possibly be reduced of pollutions and the marine life could live longer. Some of the positive human impacts of this environmental problem are many humans try to save the marine wildlife and help keep the oceans clean. There are many programs that humans sign up for which allows them to help keep the oceans clean and the marine wildlife healthy. Even kids get involved with helping to keep the place that marine wildlife live in clean and livable. Many humans also contribute to the dying factors of marine wildlife. These negative impacts cause the oceans to be harmful to all marine wildlife, even to the humans who swim in the ocean. When humans are just sailing along the oceans, they may take their garbage and dump it into the ocean. This in turn, causes harmful bacteria to grow in the ocean and hurt the marine wildlife. If these things could change, marine wildlife could have a safe environment to live in at all times.
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Point source pollution is the waste that passenger cruise ships and other boats dump into the ocean waters. This is bad for ocean waters because it will affect all of the marine wildlife, as well as the beaches where humans swim. This pollution will make it bad for marine wildlife because they can become sick and die. Some may become sick from eating fish or other wildlife that is already sick. The sick fish can be caught by fishermen or fisherwomen and then make all
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final science project - Every day resources are wasted due...

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