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When facing life challenges or finding ones place in this world, parenting styles definitely come into play. Often we hear phrase, “That is how I was/was not brought up”, which refers to the type of parenting used during childhood. Each one is different, can each one can have a negative or positive effect on the person. With authoritative parenting, which I believe to be the best, the parent is demanding, yet responsive. They expect maturity out of their children, but they also do not harshly punish for making mistakes. Rather than spanking, an authoritative parent will sit the child down and explain the situation. An adult raised by an authoritative parent will probably do well in life. They know discipline and goals. However, the negative effect might be that they will not respond well to rejection, if not explained right.
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Unformatted text preview: An adult, who has been raised by an authoritarian parent, has been subjected to harsh punishments, and high expectations. For this person, they may grow to set very high standards for themselves, and be very disappointed and angry at themselves if they fail at anything. They may also have low self esteem because they do not feel good enough for anyone or anything. A person raised in a permissive parenting household, has not been expected to either fail or succeed. This type of parenting style is not demanding and not responsive. An adult subjected to this style as a child might never set goals for themselves. They might expect everything handed to them, or possibly the exact opposite. Some people may come out of this style with great independence....
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