psy210 final project - 1 What are the causes of stress in...

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1 o What are the causes of stress in Michael’s or Jennifer’s life? How is stress affecting Michael’s or Jennifer’s health? Jennifer has quite a few causes of stress in her life. She commutes an hour each day to work, which can be overwhelming. Trying to start a family and being unsuccessful is a MAJOR stressor. Jennifer probably feels ready to be a mother and not being able to achieve that. Having a miscarriage can take a huge toll on a woman. Once a woman become pregnant, the woman already feels like a mother and can often already feel a bond between her and the unborn child. By Antonio’s parents constantly asking her if she is expecting again, it probably brings up a painful memory of losing her baby and also puts pressure on her to become pregnant again. With the death of her mother and her father becoming more ill, she is becoming even more stressed. She also has to make the decision on whether or not to put her father in a nursing home, and since it would be against his will, the decision is harder than usual. These are all causes of stress in Jennifer’s life. o How are these stressors affecting Michael’s or Jennifer’s self- concept and self-esteem? All of these stressors can take a major toll on a person’s self esteem and self concept. Since Jennifer had a miscarriage and has difficulty getting pregnant, her self esteem has probably gone down quite a bit. She probably feels as if there is something wrong with her, and this “something” is the reason she cannot have a child. She may look at herself as a failure because of this. She probably feels that she is letting her husband down and his dreams to
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psy210 final project - 1 What are the causes of stress in...

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