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Psychology and Health Problems

Psychology and Health Problems - Running Head PSYCHOLOGY...

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Running Head: PSYCHOLOGY AND HEALTH PROBLEMS 1 1 Psychology and Health Problems Samantha Woodruff PSY/210 February 7 th , 2010 Tameca Jackson Psychology and Health Problems Some believe that there are only a few factors that cause health problems. It has often been thought that there were specific reasons for each headache we get, every cancer out there and even every anxiety felt by humans. However, there are many reasons for our health complications, and each one is a different compilation of factors for each individual person. The reason why one person gets breast cancer may be totally different from the reason someone else does. Knowing the variety of causes is a complicated process but can open the mind to a broad spectrum of possibilities for our physical issues. There are multiple categories of factors that reference our issues physically. According to the text Psychology and the challenges of life (p.126) , the multifactorial model is the belief that health and illness are a function of multiple factors involving biological, psychological, and
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PSYCHOLOGY AND HEALTH PROBLEMS 3 cultural domains, and their interactions. The number one category people think of when they think illnesses is probably the biological factors. It is true, that a lot of our issues are biological, coming from exposure to harmful germs, a family history of illness, age, gender, immune system, medication history and even ethnicity. Before researching, I thought that these were pretty much the only reasons for most health problems but came to find out that these are only a tiny sliver. Environmental factors play a big role as well as Biological ones. Included in this category is vehicular safety, water quality, solid waste treatment, pollution, radiation, global warming and many more. The next one (which I believe is fairly obvious that these factors play
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Psychology and Health Problems - Running Head PSYCHOLOGY...

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