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selectiveattention - part of the challenge In the third...

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Samantha woodruff Demo B2: Selective Attention September 25, 2011 Cognitive Psyc In the first auditory demo, when it was just the little girl, it was quite easy. I had 24 hits and 1 miss and 0 false alarms. In the second with the multiple male voices, it was a bit harder. I had 29 hits, 3 misses and 1 false alarm. The only part so far I think makes is difficult is the way she says three; very monotone and quieter than the other numbers, six and zero stick out quite a bit to me, So I think if it was one of those numbers, it might be easier. But difficulty is probably
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Unformatted text preview: part of the challenge. In the third audio clip, with the switching of locations, I had 30 hits, 2 misses and 1 false alarm. This one I found much more difficult, probably because it was hard to focus on which side of the headphones the “three” would come out of. The last one was hardest by far. All the voices overwhelmed me, and I came out with 12 hits and 10 misses. I had to concentrate extremely hard. I envisioned “three” being my name, so that it might be easier to point out when heard. I liked this demo, however it made me kind of anxious....
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