a sample exam - Name: ID#: CHM 654/754 Midterm Exam, April...

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Name: ID#: CHM 654/754 Midterm Exam, April 28, 1998 Instructions: There are seven questions on this seven-page exam, counting the cover page; please make sure you have them all. Please be complete and specific in your answers. You must show all of your work, and I must be able to logically follow your problem solving. You will not get credit for the correct answer if I cannot see how you arrived at that answer. You may need to make some assumptions for some problems; you must state clearly any assumptions you make. Please turn in your "cheat sheet" with the exam; it will be returned with the graded exam. If you have any questions concerning the exam, please ask! Score: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. /300
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(25 points) Briefly define the following terms. Give equations or examples as part of your answer where they are helpful. (1) Distribution coefficient (2) Reynold's number (3) Intraparticle porosity (4) Reduced velocity (5) Peak capacity 2. (25 points) In a four-credit-hour course such as this, it is impossible to extensively cover all possible separation techniques. However, hopefully the fundamentals we studied can be applied to any separation problems. Useful pieces of information to have available are typical values for many physical and chromatographic parameters. For the following items, please give a reasonable (or typical) value: (1) Diffusion coefficient of a small molecule in helium at 25 °C (2) Peak capacity for a typical isocratic LC separation (3) What Reynold's number signifies the onset of turbulence flow in a packed column? (4)
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a sample exam - Name: ID#: CHM 654/754 Midterm Exam, April...

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