TF fall 2011 exam 1

TF fall 2011 exam 1 - 22:01 TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS FOR...

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22:01 TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS FOR CHAPTER 1 1.1 Since 1970, the U.S. government’s position on marijuana is that it has high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. p.2Ans:T 1.2 The potential for drug abuse presents a challenge for the elderly as well as adolescents and individuals under the age of 35. P.3 Ans:T 1.3 Drugs that are illegal are referred to as licit drugs.p.4Ans:F (illicit drug) 1.4 Ecstasy has been a licit drug since 2001.p.4Ans:F (illicit drug) 1.5 Alcohol has been an illicit drug since 1965.p.4Ans:F (licit drug) 1.6 Psychoactive drugs do not modify brain functioning once drug-taking behavior stops.pp.3-4Ans:F (drug dependence after stop) 1.7 A flavonoid called naringenin, found in grapefruit, has a specific inhibitory effect on the secretion of hepatitis C virus from infected liver cells. pp.3-4Ans:T 1.8 The active ingredient in turmeric, called curcumin has a specific inhibitory effect on the secretion of hepatitis C virus from infected liver cells. P.5Ans:F (that’s benefit is in grapefruit) 1.9 The legality of psychoactive drugs may depend on cultural and historical circumstances.p.6Ans:T 1.10 Some substances that can be harmful to the user are legal.p.6Ans:T 1.11 Only legal drugs have instrumental uses.p.6Ans:F (it could be to illicit drug too) 1.12 For a drug to have a recreational use, the user must take the drug for the purposes of acquiring the effect of the drug itself. P.6Ans:T 1.13 Drug misuse typically applies to the inappropriate use of prescription or nonprescription drugs p. 6Ans:T 1.14 The elderly are highly vulnerable to drug misuse.p.7Ans:T 1.15 Drug abuse can involve either licit or illicit substances.p.7Ans:T (drug misuse is between prescription and nonprescription, drug abuse is between illicit and licit drug) 1.16 Instrumental use is the primary motivation for drug abuse.p.7Ans:F (recreational) 1.17 Willow bark is the source of present-day marijuana.p.9Ans:F (aspirin) 1.18 The senna plant has been successfully used for the treatment of constipation.p.9Ans:T 1.19 Shaman is a name for a healer in a primitive society.p.9Ans:T
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1.20 The Egyptian scroll, referred to as the Ebers Papyrus, was eventually proved to be a hoax. p.9Ans:F 1.21 Patient records indicate that the Ebers Papyrus had a surprisingly high success rate for healing patients.p.9 Ans:F 1.22 Patent medicines refer to products that have been patented and distributed by pharmaceutical companies, following a lengthy process of FDA approval. P.10Ans:F (patent medicine is a drug or combination of drugs sold through peddlers, shops, or mail order advertisements) 1.23 Laudanum is a liquid form of nicotine, used in the 19th century.p.10Ans:F (opium) 1.24 In the 19th century, it was common for infants and children in the United States and England to take opium. p.10 Ans:T 1.25 The degree of social acceptance of opium in the 19th century was dependent on the manner in which opium was ingested. p.10Ans:T 1.26 Until 1903, the formula for Coca-Cola contained opium.p.11Ans:F
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TF fall 2011 exam 1 - 22:01 TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS FOR...

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