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Final+ answers Spring 2011 - Final Exam Chem 8 Spring 2011...

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Final Exam Chem 8 Spring 2011 Name _______________________________ 1 True/False (1 point each) 1) Of the alkyl carbocations, a primary will react fastest with chloride ion. F 2) An allylic carbocation will react faster than any alkyl carbocation. T 3) An SN2 reaction of hydroxyl ion with methyl chloride is a first order reaction. F 4) The C-H bonds in methane are all sigma bonds. T 5) All the C-H bonds in ethylene involve sp 2 orbitals. T 6) Oxygen is more electronegative than nitrogen. T 7) Cis compounds are more stable than trans compounds F 8) A racemic mixture of bromo-chloro-methanol with equal amounts of the S and R slightly rotates polarized light counterclockwise. F 9) In forming resonance structures only Π electrons move while lone pair electrons do not. F 10) The most stable product of an E1 elimination reaction is always the one with the least substituted product on the allylic carbons. F 11) Aromatic compounds always have an odd number of pairs of Π electrons or lone pairs in the same plane. T 12) Benzene is a strong nucleophile. F 13) The systematic name for toluene is 1-methylbenzene. F 14) Heteroaromatic compounds are always better nucleophiles than benzene. F 15) Amines are strong nucleophiles. T 16) Electrophilic aromatic substitution has a lower activation energy than does addition to an
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Final+ answers Spring 2011 - Final Exam Chem 8 Spring 2011...

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