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CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY, POMONA Syllabus for MHR 301-6 Principles of Management By Dr. Lianlian Lin for Spring Quarter 2011 (3/28-6/3, final M/6/6), Class # 30108 Class Time and Location: MW 2:00-3:50 pm, in Bldg. 15, Room 1807, Class limit: 117 Office: Bldg. 94, Room 283 Tel.: (909) 869-2422 Email: [email protected] Website: www. cba. csupomona.edu/mhr Mailing Address: 3801 W. Temple Avenue, MHR Dept., Cal Poly University, CA 91768 Office Hours: MW 4-6 pm and F3-4 pm. Graduate TA: Karampreetkaur Grover , Email: [email protected] Office Location: Bldg. 94-261 Office hours: M 4-5:30pm, Tue. 11am-12:30pm; W 4-5pm Student Drop Box: located in Bldg. 6, on the first floor, outside the Room 105. You must write down “Dr. Lin, MHR” on the top of the document that you want to drop off for me. The office will stamp date and time on it but it is not responsible for delay or lost material. The stamped date and time count as the turn-in time. When you drop something for me in the box, you need to inform TA and me immediately by email so that we can get it as soon as possible. COURSE DESCRIPTION IN THE CATALOG Survey of the history of management and review of significant management literature. Applications of management theories to practical problems in planning, organizing, and controlling business activity. MAJOR COURSE OBJECTIVES To thoroughly understand the fundamental concepts and principles of management from historical development to latest trends, and from theoretical aspects to practical application of the management process, including managerial roles, skills, and functions, and organizational interaction with the external environment, which will be measured through class discussion, participation, quizzes and exams. To sharpen your skills and competencies, including critical thinking and analytical skills, and problem solving ability, communication and interpersonal skills by doing group project, exercises, and case studies or presentations, which requires students to cite most recent sources, identify and analyze managerial issues in real organizations, and make recommendations. To help shape your values and mentality by emphasizing a variety of perspectives in the course, including ethicalness, diversity, globalization, and information technology, and by giving 1
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writing assignments on various topics, in order to prepares students to be more effective and competitive and achieve better performance in the future world. The material covered will be relevant to you, regardless of your career objectives. In all likelihood, you will either be a manager or work with one in any occupation you choose. In the final analysis, we are all managers of our own lives and can benefit by studying to be better managers. TEXT
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