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Ch 1 Self-assessment essay Sp2011 - MHR301 HW#1 Ch 1...

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MHR301 HW #1 Ch 1 Self-Assessment Essay Topic Relevancy This assignment is related to the topic in Ch 1 about competencies and management skills. It is a self-assessment of your competence for a particular occupation upon graduation based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) from the website . The Meanings of KSAs KSAs are the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform the tasks of a job. Knowledge is the education and information used for a job and organized sets of principles and facts applying in general domains. Skills are learned proficiencies in areas and developed capacities that facilitate learning or the more rapid acquisition of knowledge. It includes basic skills, complex problem solving skills, resource management skills, social skills, system skills, and technical skills. Abilities are inherent aptitudes of a candidate and enduring attributes of the individual that influence performance. It includes cognitive abilities, physical abilities, psychomotor abilities, and sensory abilities. You can learn more in detail about the meanings of KSAs’ and their subsets under “Browse by O*NET Descriptor” after you click on Find Occupation. Click on those folders and sub-folders to find more info you need. How to complete this assignment? Visit the website: , click on Find Occupations. Type key words of an occupation that you most likely to pursue upon graduation or within five years, such as “sales manager” or “financial analyst.” The screen will show you a list of occupations that are related to your key words. Choose one occupation that fits your search most and click on it. Then click on “Details” to read Details Report for the job. After reading the details report for the chosen 1
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occupation, you shall answer all questions asked and select TWO important KSAs – one item from “Knowledge” as your strength and another item from “skills” OR “abilities” as your weakness. The KSAs or Work Activity you choose should have a score of 70 or higher. If no score is higher than 70, you shall choose the highest score in that category. The explanations for each part of the assignment are provided below. Job Title: Visit the website: , click on Find Occupations. Find an occupation and put that specific job title here. The job you select should be what you want to pursue upon your graduation or within five years of your graduation. Don’t make up your own job title. A job title must come from the website. Also, you shall indicate if the job is Green, Bright Outlook, Star, or both, or all of them in parentheses after your job title, for example, Job Title: Financial Analyst (star, Bright Outlook, Green). Job Zone:
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Ch 1 Self-assessment essay Sp2011 - MHR301 HW#1 Ch 1...

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