Ch 3 Cognitive Maps Sp11HW !!!!!!

Ch 3 Cognitive Maps Sp11HW !!!!!! - HW#2 Ch 3 Cognitive...

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HW #2, Ch 3 Cognitive Maps Topic relevancy Ch 3 Organizational Environments and Cultures: Section 4 Making Sense of Changing Environment, particularly Section 4.3 Acting on Threats and Opportunities. However, the textbook doesn’t offer sufficient discussion on the topic. It is advisable that you follow the instructions and explanations in this handout. Assignment requirements and format You may work alone or with 1 to 2 partners, total of no more than 3 persons. If you work with others, you all get same grade. Use the maps given at the end of this handout, which includes three types of variable (environmental factors, the Store’s strategy/actions, and the Store’s strengths and weaknesses) in three kinds of shapes. Don’t change shapes and headings. Must type your answers in the shapes – Don’t use all capital letters. But you may handwrite down +/- signs. Your answers can be in sentences or phrases, but the answers have to be clear in its meanings. For example, if you put “customer service” as a strength, it is unclear. If you put “superior customer service”, it is fine. If you put “bad employees” as a weakness, it is vague. If you put “Employees are not knowledgeable,” it is fine. You cannot repeat same/similar answer in different shapes. Don’t need to turn in the instruction pages.
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How to complete the assignment? Suppose you’re a manager of Albertsons, a grocery chain. This map represents your interpretation of your business environment, your view of potential or current strategies or actions of your store, and your evaluation of your store’s current strengths and weaknesses. Detailed explanations of each part of the assignment are provided below.
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Ch 3 Cognitive Maps Sp11HW !!!!!! - HW#2 Ch 3 Cognitive...

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