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Story of Stuff Assignment As consumer, we buy an item without knowing the materials or toxins in the item, all we care is the price of that item and the satisfaction of the item that will bring to our lives. The government and corporation is the mastermind of having consumer to shop and spend money but also mastermind of building a system called Materials Economy. What Materials Economy is, a system where natural resources is extracted, then that natural resources is brought into production, then once the item is made, it is distributed throughout the stores, then the consumer buys the item and once we are not happy with the item, we dispose it. What we don’t know is, there are consequences in each of the steps of the Materials Economy. For example, during extraction stage, we destroy natural resources by like cutting down the trees, blowing up the mountains to mine it for coal, and using most of the water resources. 1/3 of the natural resources are gone in this planet because of example of cutting down 2,000 a tree a minute in the Amazon. As a rich
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