chap 6 hrt 203 - INTRODUCTION Cost of people is a...

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INTRODUCTION Cost of people is a significant portion of all costs The hospitality business is a people business HRM involves all of activities necessary to plan, organize, direct, and control the work of people HRM functions Managing people and the work they do Finding and recruiting people Matching people with the needs of the organization and training them to meet job needs Motivating and compensating people Managing relationships between the organization and the people Managers must analyze and organize work effectively People can be hired and matched to jobs Analysis of work ( Job analysis ) and the description of that work ( job description ) become the building block of people management Job Analysis “Organized process of examining what activities constitute doing a job successfully” Look at the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that a person is expected to master It is useful for a manager to understand the full range of activities being undertaken Careful analysis is required for developing job descriptions Method (managers can perform job analyses): Interviewing current workers and other workers Questionnaires and observation Others (employee recording and combination of approaches)
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chap 6 hrt 203 - INTRODUCTION Cost of people is a...

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