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EXAM2 hrt - -advertising-brochures and collateral...

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EXAM march 3 chapter 4-6 25 t/f 15 m/c bonus pt from reaction paper calculator allowed!!! read textbook and lecture notes carefully at least twice 12 question from chap 4 role of each housekeeping staff scheduling and turnover (calculation questions)!!!! importantce of inventory control - ops and cps - perpetual inventory system four reasons why linen would be taken out of circulation - normal wear and tear, improper use, losses in laundry, and theft chapter 5 characteristics of the dept functions of sales part - telephone survey - sales call - convention booking, block, room pickup, cut-off date functions of marketing part (AT LEAST 2 QUESTIONS)
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Unformatted text preview: -advertising-brochures and collateral materials-packages-promotions-public relations (PR)-rate management chap 6 12 question various function areas of hrm; (VERY IMPORTANT)-people and work (job analysis and job description-finding and selecting( internal and external recruiting-matching and training (socialization and orientation-motivating and compensating (compensation and benefints)-managing relationships (labor relationsL strike or lockout other important issue affecting hrm-workplace diversity-globalization-alternative form of employment-technology...
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EXAM2 hrt - -advertising-brochures and collateral...

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