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SC1101E Semester 1, 2011-12 Short Assignment One student was overheard saying this to another, “What is the point of studying sociology? The topics it deals with, like family, culture, and politics, are part of our everyday experience. It is all common-sense, isn’t it?” What can you say in defence (and/or critique) of sociology? Use a single example of a social issue (e.g., fertility, marriage), an event (e.g., National Day Parade, election rally), or some observations you have made of a “real-life” setting or situation (e.g., funeral wake, shopping mall) to argue and demonstrate your case. Keep your answers to about 2 pages (double-spaced), font size 11, and restrict any description of the issue, event, situation, or real-life setting to a minimum (no more than
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Unformatted text preview: half a page). Be focused on making good use of the relevant sociological concepts and arguments you have learnt so far to make your case. Give your article an appropriate, short title. Please drop your assignment into your own tutor’s snail mailbox outside the Department of Sociology’s general office. Deadline : Friday Sep 16, 4pm Penalties : If handed in after the deadline and by Mon Sep 19, 4pm, minus 2 points; and subsequently, minus 1 point for each additional day. Last day for handing in very late assignments is Feb 23, 4pm. (Think of this as a short article you would write for a popular magazine, with the objective of sharing with general readers what you know of sociology.) Ivan/TES Sep 2, 2011...
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