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1 Tutorial 2 – Antennas Question 1 A radiator approximates to an electric dipole of length dl = 250 m and radiates at a frequency of 60 kHz. Assuming that the current is maintained constant over the length, determine the radiation resistance R r of the radiator. Find the magnitude of the maximum electric field intensity E 0 at a distance of 100 km when the total radiated power P T = 1kW. Question 2 A plane wave of frequency 1 GHz, having a peak value of electric field intensity of E 0 = 5 μ V/m, is incident normally (electric field lines parallel to the dipole, i.e., 0 ˆ E i z E = ) on a half-wave thin dipole antenna. Determine the open-circuit voltage V oc induced in this antenna. Hence determine the average power P L which can be delivered to a matched load. Question 3 What is the maximum effective area A
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Unformatted text preview: em of a half-wave dipole with a diameter of 2 cm operating at 100 MHz? Compare it with its maximum physical cross section area A p looking from a parallel direction. This dipole is used for receiving a plane electromagnetic wave which is polarization matched to the dipole. If the power P L developed on a terminal load which is matched to the input impedance of the dipole is W 10 10 9 − × , what is the electric field intensity E of the plane wave at the position of the dipole? Question 4 A quarter-wave monopole (as shown in the figure below) situated above a perfectly conducting ground plane is excited by a sinusoidal source at its base. Find its radiation pattern, radiation resistance R rm , and maximum directivity D m . h = λ /4 Large conducting plane...
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