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Lesson9_1 study guide

Lesson9_1 study guide - 1 Read Chapter 4 of “Metaphysics...

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PHIL 201 Study Guide Lesson 9: The Nature of Reality Lesson Overview: In this lesson we want to consider the nature of reality itself. When we say that something exists, what do we really mean? Do things actually possess the properties we attribute to them or do we bring those properties with us when we observe things? Is the redness that I see in an apple part of the apple itself , or is it actually more a part of my experience in seeing the apple? In other words, might some other being see something different then red, and if they do, then is redness in the apple or just in my experience of the apple? As you can see by these questions, called ontological questions (questions dealing with the nature of existence), this lesson is perhaps one of the most abstract we will be dealing with in this unit. We will look at four different metaphysical theories of the nature of the world: commons sense realism, idealism, scientific realism, and instrumentalism. Tasks:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Read Chapter 4 of “Metaphysics: Constructing a World View.” As you do, make sure you understand the following points: • The problem of common sense realism • The two distinct assertions that make up common sense realism • Idealism as an alternative to realism • Problems with Idealism as a metaphysical theory • Scientific problems with common sense realism • The distinction between primary and secondary qualities • Scientific Realism vs. Common Sense Realism vs. Instrumentalism • Strengths of Instrumentalism • Problems of Instrumentalism as opposed to Scientific Realism • The Negative and Positive Consequences of Scientific Realism • Two Arguments that the universe had a beginning Terms: Make sure you can explain the following terms and concepts: Ontological Questions Common Sense Realism Idealism Primary Qualities Secondary Qualities Scientific Realism Instrumentalism Study Guide Lesson 9: The Nature of Reality...
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