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BS Ethics, BBA 4751-04D James Tilley, Section 1 Exam, Q 2 Many believe that laws are the only boundaries that contain a business certain activity. Laws enforce a business to remain within legally acceptable limits. Many believe that ethics play little or no part in how some businesses operate. Ethics are what a particular business chooses to operate within the laws. Ethics are a mutual understanding of how companies should conduct business. There are three factors that laws are not concrete on. One, everything is not enforced by law meaning if it’s not unethical doesn’t make it illegal. There are many areas that are left up to interpretation and everyone views things
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Unformatted text preview: different. Second, laws often are not up to date and are slow to react with current issue within business. Third, the law isn’t always defined and leaves certain actions questionable and relies on good faith to guide decisions. This is commonly know as gray areas within businesses. My example is buying and selling over Ebay. I have heard of stories of Ebay that people get taken for their money and never receive a product. One there screwing someone over isn’t illegal it is just wrong. Two the internet is an entirely new to law and how it operates improvements are needed to remain current. Third there are always gray areas that a difference in options will arise....
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