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BS Ethics, BBA 4751-04D James Tilley, Section 1 Exam, Q 3 Under the classic utilitarianism theory it places no value on telling the truth or keeping a promise. If one can gain personal value by telling a lie vs. telling the truth then the lie will have a greater out come. The truth will not set you free but only bring more hardships. There are actions that one must avoid that may cause one to lie. If one is placed in a situation where they must make a decision it is left up to them the outcome.
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Unformatted text preview: The thought of refraining from actions to where ones integrity may be questioned is the action trying to be avoided. My example of utilitarianism is car dealerships. I know that my best interests are not their best interests. If the salesman consistently tells the truth about the car or the deal they may not make that sale on that vehicle. Once the sale has been made they are off to the next victim and if there were any promises then they are quickly forgotten....
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