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BS Ethics Ex 1 Q 6 - mind Working as a quality control...

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BS Ethics, BBA 4751-04D James Tilley, Section 1 Exam, Q 6 When an employee decides to blow the whistle there should be a justified reason. Does the reason have sufficient moral importance? Do you have all the information and understand their significance? Have you exhausted all channels just shy of whistle blowing? Deciding what is the best way to whistle blow. Know your role in the company and how the public will view your opinion on the matter. What are your chances of being successful when blowing the whistle? Charles Atkinson (case 5.1, p 101-102, Two Whistle Blowers) had a justified reason for whistle blowing. There was a quality control measure on a nuclear power plant that must be followed. He had the safety of the workers and the safety of the local communities in
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Unformatted text preview: mind. Working as a quality control inspector I am sure he knew all the facts that was part of his job ensuring things were to standard. When viewed by the public knowing his level and job title they should take heed to his words. I think when dealing with nuclear power in any community people will listen to people that can influence current areas. I live about 5 miles from Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania and it is in the local news constantly. The article stated he was fired and went unemployed for sometime. He knows he did the right thing and said he would do it again if needed to. I feel he was justified in going public and whistle blowing....
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