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BS Ethics Ex 1 Q 8 - new employees of the RGS&H after...

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BS Ethics, BBA 4751-04D James Tilley, Section 1 Exam, Q8 A trade secret is unauthorized release of confidential business information within a company to an outside agency or persons to obtain personal gain. There are three arguments that involve trade secret protection. One is that the secrets are viewed as property and should be covered within the laws that govern property. Another is fair competition; the belief that trade secrets are acceptable and a type of reward for the most aggressive business persons. Lastly the belief that if confidential information is released that the employer-employee bond will be broken. Jamie Mambro and Jay Williams (Case 6.1, p 125, The Aggressive Ad Agency) were
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Unformatted text preview: new employees of the RGS&H after leaving Lotus Corp. Lotus and RGS&H were in competition for the best spreadsheet program. I think the flier was sent just to rattle the Lotus Corp. and to cause confusion and panic within the company. Lotus had a confidentiality clause within Mr. Mambro and Mr. Williams contracts. The two gentlemen had a moral and ethical obligation outside of their written one to withhold confidential information brought over from the Lotus Corp. As stated in the article Mr. Lebow of Lotus was always wondering what information really changed hands, and used caution on all of his future decisions about Lotus Corp....
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