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BS Ethics EX 2 Q 2 - my family In the Army a commander must...

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BS Ethics, BBA 4751-04D James Tilley, Section II Exam, Q 2 The American work force is largely an at will work force. This means that a company can fire someone without sufficient cause. Employees that have joined a union have some protection from unjust dismissal. There have recently been concerns for passing laws that will give at will workers rights equal to those that are unionized. There is a need for new and updated laws. In the job market most jobs are at will and are binding contracts on good faith and fair dealings. There must be laws to add some justified reason to an employee’s dismissal. With the job market being so volatile there is great grief when being fired. Being in the Army going on sixteen years now I have job security, but it comes with a price, the price of being deployed for weeks or even months without seeing
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Unformatted text preview: my family. In the Army a commander must show justification for discharge. The soldiers I have seen discharged have more than deserved it. Usually they have had several issues that lead up to a discharge. The military is lacking in general for personnel and is allowing the rules to bend to ensure certain units can function. The only example of unjust dismissal is Robert Greeley (Case10.1, pg 249-50), the company that he worked at released him rather than withhold child support expressing it would be easer to fire him. The man was trying to do the right thing and support his family regardless of his family issues. In my opinion the company was just lazy, uncaring, and selfish thus the need for new laws....
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