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BS Ethics, BBA 4751-04D James Tilley, Section II Exam, Q 4 Due care is the companies obligation to take precaution for their product beyond a reasonable persons usage. The major problem of due care theory is defining what is due care and to what extent. A company must know the dangers that their product can cause to customers. There have been cases that the consumers found the defects in the products after the companies testing and producing processes. Trying to test produces for dangers in all the ways consumers may use them. My example strict labeling and warnings to inform the consumer of the potential dangers if used other than directed. There will always be consumers that use products in an un-recommended matter and injuries will
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Unformatted text preview: result. Contractual theory is responsibility of the manufacturers to express the dangers through a contract. The problem is that few consumers read all of the information that comes with the product, and contractual agreement is not very precise. There are very few products that come with a contract that you must sign and therefore leaving some issues questionable. My example of contractual theory is the disadvantage of the consumer knowledge of the legal boundaries. I know there are lawyers that handle these type cases, but the basic everyday person does not know what to pursue legally....
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