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This is a good overview article from a well respected magazine that has been around for centuries. A brief description on how the cartel is moving as well as protecting their product. I feel like this will be useful in my research paper because I want to be able to tell how the cartel is getting away with producing their drugs and getting away with the murders and selling drugs. LOYOLA, M. (2009). Mexico's CARTEL WARS. National Review , 61 (11), 36. Retrieved from Master FILE Premier database This article is from the Universities website and is respected when it comes to being creditable. It will allow me to show how the cartel is starting wars in the border towns throughout the United States. Phillips, J. (2009). THE CARTELS NEXT DOOR. Mother Jones , 34 (4), 40. Retrieved from Master FILE Premier database This article is a well respect as it came from the university websites it will allow me to show how the cartels are trafficking into the United States
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