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Issue Explanation for W131 - Issue Explanation for W131...

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Issue Explanation for W131 Zixuan Li “Ours is a time of problems, of gigantic problems. Everything is being transformed under the magic influence of science and technology. And every day, if we want to live with open eyes, we have problems to study, to resolve” (Pope Plus VI, May 18, 1969). Chinese people generally are proud of their culture, proud of the longevity and continuity of Chinese culture, and the Confucius identity which distinguishes them from any other kind of cultures. But Along with process of globalization, the ingrained orthodoxy and the stereotype generated from history of thousands of years are being challenged by emerging phenomenon outside the country as well as the interpretation of such phenomenon. As we see all the time throughout human’s chronicals, the coming along of new age was always intertwined with struggle and malaise because fear of unknown is a part of human nature. Nostalgia and inertia together prevent people from embracing the things they’ve never seen before regardless of if they are better than status quo or not. This is very what China’s been suffering. When yesterday practices which are no longer appropriate and relevant met the unprecedented trend, people got confused and things seem amiss. English language learning is the one of the epicenters. Across the massive land of China, the popularity of English learning may be astonishing in the eye of foreigners. Chinese children start learning English at the third year in their schooling, which means before university they will invest nine years to learn this language and it’s been counted a considerable portion of the grade
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point average. But the result of this prolonged endeavor turned out to be problematic:
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Issue Explanation for W131 - Issue Explanation for W131...

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