narrative - Zixuan Li Multilingualism narrative for W131ML...

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Zixuan Li. Multilingualism narrative for W131ML. My Development of English When I was a high school student in China, learning English has been taken for granted in almost every region in this immense country. At first, Everything seemed going well and people seemed to be quite aware of the reasons that they should invest massive portion of their school time learning a foreign language that is barely used in daily life of most population and these reasons are by no means the result of their own consideration but purely the product of teacher’s inculcation. The reason I was told was so vague that can hardly recall: English is being used worldwide, if a child can’t speak English well then she or he could never find a decent job. Ironically, I can remember the doubt and suspects generated in my head when my teacher said that dogma to me even more clearly than the dogma per se. My mother could barely speak English but she has an enviable job. With the passage of time, my concern escalated. My classmates could complained all day about how difficult they think English is and how useless it is but they have to memorize the English words and grammar in order to past the tests and vast majority of them admitted that after a summer holiday they
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This note was uploaded on 10/20/2011 for the course ENG-W 131 taught by Professor Neal during the Fall '08 term at Indiana.

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narrative - Zixuan Li Multilingualism narrative for W131ML...

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