Phosphate in water

Phosphate in water - John Warwick Lab AI Amanda Le Sueur...

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John Warwick Lab AI: Amanda Le Sueur February 23, 2011 Phosphate in Water 1.Discuss the relationship between the color of a substance and the color of light that is absorbed. What is occurring on the molecular level when light is absorbed? A substance absorbs specific wavelengths of white light, and our eyes see what is left over or what is transmitted. In other words, a substance that appears to be blue in color is actually transmitting blue light and absorbing other colors of white light that are a different wavelength. On a molecular level, when a substance absorbs light, the energy from the light promotes the quantized structure to a higher energy level, depending on the wavelength. However a substance will absorb light only when the energy of the photon matches the difference between the initial and excited state (Dartmouth, 2004). 2.Why is a calibration curve constructed in this experiment? What information does it provide to answer the purpose of the experiment? The calibration curve was constructed by plotting the absorbance versus the concentration of known phosphate concentrations made from a series of dilutions. The linear equation created from the curve was related to Beer’s law, which expresses the relationship between absorbance and concentration. This equation provided the ability to calculate the unknown concentration of
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Phosphate in water - John Warwick Lab AI Amanda Le Sueur...

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