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Reading Note for Edutaining Children - The marketing...

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Reading Note for Edutaining Children: Consumer and Gender Socialization in Japanese Marketing This reading portrayed edutainment-oriented marketing strategies used by many stores as a manifestation of Japanese cultural ideology exalting education. Many promotions means has been attached with function of education. Gerber fundamentally shifting its promotion direction from serving convenience to being educational in order to attract Japanese mothers who are blamed for their children’s misdeeds is a good example of the ongoing marketing trend in Japan. Author also analyzed the ways that socialization function through edutainment: socializing children into culturally defined appropriate age and gender consumer behavior, store discourse, communicated through the cultural objects of catalogues, advertisements and so forth. As a student pursuing marketing degree, I find it fascinating that how profoundly cultural ideal could shape a country’s marketing landscape and even consumerism.
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Unformatted text preview: The marketing pattern has been not simply taking advantage of their ideology to make profits but in being culturally practical. In the case of shopping clubs for children, marketer could not only make actual money from it and at same time adapt children to group play and learning activities. This article enlightened me learning more about variety of cultural settings while I build my marketing skill is necessary and understanding of cultural ideology is truly sine qua non in marketing. The reason why we should read this probably is that we need to know that the difference of cultural ideology is not in tangible but sometimes it may function very pragmatically. A product has nice sail mount in US may be less attractive because of the parity in cultural ideal. When culture is no longer abstract we may see directly how potent it is in our society. I wonder is there any other form of tangible difference culture could make in terms of business....
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Reading Note for Edutaining Children - The marketing...

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