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Revision Plan for Multi-lingual Narrative On a separate sheet of paper address the following three questions: 1) Of the assignment components—Theme, Connect to Readings, and Discovery— which is weakest in your essay. In a sentence or two, explain how you will you make it stronger. 2) Find one pattern of error to address in your revision. Potential categories include: Verbs (endings, tense) Nouns (possessive forms, plural forms) Articles (incorrect, missing, unnecessary)
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Unformatted text preview: Word Choice (incorrect words, incorrect word forms) Sentence Structure (word order, run on) In your revision plan, write down specifically the pattern you see and plan to address. 3) Vocabulary: find one repeating word and develop a set of connected words you might use in its place. Include in your revision plan the repeating word, the new words you find and their definitions....
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