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Short assignment for w131 - Li,Zixuan W131 2874 1 There is...

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Li,Zixuan W131 2874 1 There is an old Chinese saying “to sleep on brushwood and taste gall”, which was originated in Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BCE, to be more specific, the Spring and Autumn Period which is known as general turbulence and relentless warfare between many feudal countries ) and has been using through present days. Literally comprehending this phrase seems impossible without having a sound understanding of what happened in that turbulent time and milieu of that age. Back to 496 BC there was a major power in southern China called Wu and a smaller country called Yue right next to it. Because of the military and demographical disadvantage Yue has always suffered from the oppression in a long period of time. Having heard of that Wu has experienced a dire failure during an invasion toward an another country and was in a miasma of lack of human power and material resources, the king of Yue called Goujian decided to take this opportunity to give the crop de grace to already-weaken Wu. Disparaging the voice of exhorts and opposition among entire country, Goujian insisted to send troops to Wu and unfortunately it ended as a fiasco. And such failure with nuance of betrayal was bound to have overwhelming ramification. Having lost significant percentage of military force and suffered huge decrease in morale, Yue has no chance to survive in the retaliation campaign of Wu, and Goujian had no choice but surrender and he was captured as captives and was forced as servant working in the palace of Wu to serve King of Wu. But this is not the end of story rather it’s just the prelude of a legend make the saying mentioned above
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Short assignment for w131 - Li,Zixuan W131 2874 1 There is...

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