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SHORT ASSIGNMENT #2 (SA 2) Developing a Lens Claim bell hooks’ “Teaching to Transgress” Secondary reading (from textbook) Goals for this assignment: To analyze hooks’ essay for main claim and supporting ideas ( FIAW pp. 55-61) To use one claim from hook’s essay as a “lens” onto reading something else To construct an analytical claim of your own and support it with specific examples In 3-4 well-developed paragraphs , discuss how one of hooks’ claims about education helps you make a significant but implicit connection to [ second reading]. By “implicit connection,” I mean a specific relationship based on how one essay changes your understanding of another . This relationship is your “lens” claim, or analytical claim. This relationship will not be explicit, or obvious. It may be unstated. To establish this relationship, you must reach beyond simple agreement, contradiction, or “like/unlike” statements by considering the following: How does the main claim in one essay illuminate or better explain the conflict in
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short+assignment+2 (1) - SHORT ASSIGNMENT #2 (SA 2)...

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