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Short+Assignment+2b (1)

Short+Assignment+2b (1) - Short Assignment#2 for W131...

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Short Assignment #2 for W131 Li,Zixuan In essay Teaching to Transgress, bell hooks introduced educational practice that in many ways dramatically contradicted the mainstream of present academic circle. Based on her experience as both student and teacher, she claimed that after school had utterly changed under the influence of racial integration the educational practice was not the way it was supposed to be. Suffocated by the reinforcement of racial domination in contemporary pedagogical practice and suffered from variety of biases based on skin color, her love of school faded away. In order to free the shackles of old practice which is set of overwhelming boredom, disinterest and apathy, she appealed for change by claiming that teaching should be exciting rather than merely a process that stores knowledge and both for teachers and students should maintain openness and willingness to actively participate in classroom. Finally she mentioned that education is in fact a process of self-actualization. After reading Teaching and Transgress, I found that this article magically has some inherent connection with my previous Multilingual Narrative in which I claimed that one cannot learning language effectively and spot the true meaning of learning language without curiosity of the cultural background of that language. But now I generate some fresh ideas that could underpin my ideas better and address some limitations of the claims in that narrative. I didn’t mention the root reason why students have low interest in learning language and just articulated this fact. Bell hooks’ claimed that classroom should be exciting and the educational practice should not encourage reinforcement of dominant concept
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