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I’d like to choose the word unpleasant as the keyword for this journal. The pioneering stage of anthropology in US is an unpleasant story involved bloody slaughter and unethical smuggle of specimen. By tracing the merciless event occurred in 1864, author illustrates that Indians in US was treated unequally even after Civil War. The motivation of the skull collector was tarnished by the potential profit of trade skull and skeleton of Indians, shifted form enriching the apathy of natural science of people to profit-oriented business. The need of specimen is so big that make it a profitable speculative business for the scientists. By getting what they want for profit or science propose they didn’t vaguely show respect to Indians who
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Unformatted text preview: were purely regarded as tool of anthropological study or even products with high profit. What should not be denied is that although there was unpleasant entanglement during the exploring phrase, the result of this campaign is significant. During the gilded age of natural history people built such rich collection of human skull and skeleton which laid the concrete basis for anthropology study. The necessary absence of ethics and honor ultimately made their contribution to history. Perhaps this unpleasant process was historically to some degree inevitable given the milieu at that time....
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