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word journal 2 - Word journal for Sterilized in the Name of...

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Word journal for “Sterilized in the Name of Public Health” I choose the word “victims” as the key word. The implication of culture implied through passage is far more far-reaching and instructive behind the NAME of public health. I choose the word victims for twofold intention. Firstly, Throughout the whole article author is trying to make a claim that immigrants suffered unequal, double-standard treatment by naming the hasty sterilization operation received by them. Many of them were even teens, like the Relf sisters aged 12 and 14. They are deprived of human right for breeding offspring. The fact that the foreign-born were disproportionately affected by the sterilization policy indicated that it was has something to do implicitly and explicitly with cultural background, or to be less subtle, where they are from. Mexican immigration was acknowledged as danger to the state’s public and fiscal health.
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