Word Journals for Oct 18th.

Word Journals for Oct 18th. - Word Journal for Beauty...

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Word Journal for Beauty Queens on the Global stage. I chose the word transmutation as the key word for twofold reasons: the shift of attitude of scholars toward beauty contest and the meaning of the contest itself from the Greece Mythology to Miss Universe. This article introduced beauty contest which is an unique interesting cultural phenomenon which almost has no similar events have parallel social controversy: the continual fixation of authoritative median including New York Times revealed its gravity in public, which accompanied by large-scale annually attack by churches which thought it’s vulgar, indecent, and degrading. Having such strong compliments and opposition simultaneously is, as the author mentioned, contradiction and ambivalence deserving analysis, thus attracting anthropological ethnographers. Encountered trepidation when scholars tended to treated beauty contest seriously, they have same feeling as woman’s league: it’s the insulting to womanhood”. The power and political use the beauty contestants as tools to gain their own interest. But if something is such superficial and vulgar, it really has no reason for it to survive for such long period of time. There must be something more profound underneath the surface. In a fast-changing world, through beauty contest, people from a nation could express
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Word Journals for Oct 18th. - Word Journal for Beauty...

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