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ENG W131ML Fall 2011 CONSTRUCTING LANGUAGE IDENTITIES / multilingualism narrative purpose of the assignment In this class you will carry out a sequenced writing project ; that is, you will write a series of assignments that cause you to investigate and develop an issue more focusedly. You will conduct various kinds of research—recalling personal experience, reading published research, gathering images, and conducting an interview—in order to arrive at a critical position that you can skillfully argue in the final paper of the sequence. In other words, you will gather enough information and perspectives in order to multivocally respond to a final research question, which will be much more complex than the issue you began with. For your first assignment in the sequence, you will write a brief (~750 words) narrative that tells the story of your development as a “multilingual” writer. A Multilingualism Narrative asks you to describe your experiences negotiating, sharing, or moving between cultures, communities, or language identities. However, because it is not an autobiography, you should not focus on every experience. Rather, you should
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