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ENG W131ML Fall 2011 ENGAGING VOICES CRITICALLY / ISSUE EXPLANATION PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENT Many great research projects begin with a single problem or question. For your second assignment in the sequence, I will ask you to begin with the conflict, problem, or realization you discovered in the Multilingualism Narrative and briefly (~1000 words) develop that problem or question, drawing in some way on the readings we have done in class. You are not proposing a solution to the problem you have identified, nor are you arguing for or against the question. You are simply introducing it to your reader and convincing them that it is worthy of investigation by demonstrating what you already know about it and by anticipating what more you need to learn. ISSUE SELECTION Our textbook describes an issue as “a subject that can be explored and debated” ( FIAW p. 6), an idea that is dissonant or unresolved, and an occasion to demonstrate empathy and move beyond binary thinking (p. 9). An issue is not the same thing as a topic, nor does it involve simply locating a problem that needs to be solved. Issues can be discovered in questions we have about what we read or what we have experienced, and in the patterns, relationships, or gaps we note between these readings and these experiences. Your issue will evolve over time, but it should meet the following criteria and gain my final approval: 1. It should be more critical and more focused than simply a phenomenon or a trend 2. It should demonstrate intellectual curiosity and result from a genuine question 3. It should not have an obvious answer or solution 4. It should be unique to your own perspective, i.e., no one else could ask the question the way that
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2_issue_proposal_new - ENG W131ML Fall 2011 ENGAGING VOICES...

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