I101 test 1 study sheet

I101 test 1 study sheet - I101 Midterm Exam Topic List Any...

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Unformatted text preview: I101 Midterm Exam Topic List Any material from any aspect of the course thus far is fair game for the midterm. This includes lecture and lab as well as any outside materials that were assigned ( videos, articles ). EXAMPLE LECTURE MATERIAL Limits of Computing? (management, storage)- Mother board- the heart of the computer everything sits on it- Central processing unit- CPU- is the brain of the computer, runs the software and process the data, - Random access memory- RAM- sits on mother board, holds the data and software your running, adding ram is a simple way to speed up your computer- Video card- connects to mother board, special video card slot on mother board, creates the images on your monitor, AGP PCI express video card most common, 2-4 video cards most common- Power supply- sits at the top of the case, supplies the power the computer needs, most wires all come from the power supply- Hard disk- holds the information even when the power is off, when the power is on the software and data is loaded into the RAM, in order to truly destroy data you have to destroy the drive- Optical drive- sits in the front part, uses laser to read or write cds or dvds - Computer does what we tell it to - Software- is a collection of computer programs and related data that provide the instructions for telling a computer what to do and how to do it.- Hardware- tools installed onto the computer Wicked vs. Tame Problems- Tame- definite solution, defined and stable problem (chess game) 1. Well defined and stable problem statement 2. Definite stopping goal 3. Has a right and wrong answer 4. Belongs to a class of problems that can be solved the same way 5. Solutions can be easily tried and stopped 6. Limited solutions - Dont need all six points to be tame and tame can be complex- Wicked- health care 1. You dont understand the problem till you have a solution (every solution finds more problems) 2. Have no stopping rule (always better answers) 3. Solutions are not right or wrong 4. Everyone wicked problem is unique 5. Every solution is one shot operation 6. Problems have no given alternative solutions (there may be no solution or many different)- Do we need to know about how to tame a wicked problem and is this good enough info? Analog vs. Digital- Analog- real world, cannot be exactly copied, why continuous?- Digital- virtual, can be exactly copied, sample of something, are web pages considered a sample? - Good definitions? Binary/Base2 Decimal/Base10 conversions Identifying the Specific Problem? Any more info?- Ask- who what when where why and how- Draw it out map out the problem and solutions- Research interview and observe the problem over and over until solution is found- Ways to find solutions- 1. Linear- gather data, analyze data, formulate solution, and put solution to work. It goes in a straight line no jumping around. Best and most common way to attack a problem 2. Waterfall- still uses all the same steps but jumps all around and uses a lot...
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I101 test 1 study sheet - I101 Midterm Exam Topic List Any...

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