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determination of water hardness

determination of water hardness - John Warwick Lab AI...

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John Warwick Lab AI: Amanda Le Sueur March 9, 2011 Determination of Water Hardness 2. Complete sample calculation, with correct units and significant figures. The unknown that was used was from a water fountain in an IU dormitory. ‐ Show calculation of [EDTA] ‐ Show calculation of [Ca] in unknown sample in mole/L ‐ Show calculation of [Ca] in unknown sample in ppm CaCO3 ‐ Show calculations for standard deviation and 95% confidence interval. The concentrations of Ca were the same in each of the trials and therefore the standard deviation was zero. A confidence interval was not necessary. ‐ Result for common tap water and for unknown sample (ppm CaCO3) ‐ Report each individual value and average value (in an appropriate format) Trial 1 for the tap water sample had a concentration of 0.0093 M Ca and trial had a concentration of 0.009 M Ca. The average value was determined to be 0.00915 M Ca. 4. Submit a one page discussion of your results. It should include among other comments an analysis of the standard deviations, mean results, possible sources of experimental error and how they can be corrected were the reaction to be repeated. (include the chemical reaction for the titration.)
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