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distillation of wine

distillation of wine - John Warwick Lab AI Amanda Le Sueur...

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John Warwick Lab AI: Amanda Le Sueur 1) Sample: Red Wine Trial 1 Trial 2 Mass of distillate + graduated cylinder 79.082 g 80.208 g Mass of graduated cylinder 65.125 g 65.125 g Mass of distillate 13.957 g 15.083 g Volume of distillate 15.1 mL 15.5 mL Density 0.924 g/mL 0.973 g/mL Percent ethanol 8.00% 3.18% Percent water 92.00% 96.82% Initial boiling temperature 79 O C 84 O C Ending boiling temperature 82 O C 83 O C The average percent of ethanol by volume in the red wine sample collected in the two trials was 5.59%. The standard deviation between the two trials was determined to be 3.408255. The class as a whole for the red wine sample had an average of 7.84% ethanol by volume and a standard deviation of 2.734648 between all completed trials. 2) The primary component of trial 1 was found to be water at 92.00%. Water distills at a higher temperature than ethanol explaining why it was in higher concentration than the distillate, ethanol. 3) The density of the second trial increased from 0.924 g/mL to 0.973 g/mL. This increase in density also caused a large drop in the percent ethanol by volume in the second trial of 3.18% from 8.00% in the first. This correlates to the increase of 4.82% water in the second trial. 4) The average percent of ethanol by volume for the red wine sample should have been around 9.5%. However the class average as well as the average of our own two completed trials was a lower 7.84% and 5.59% respectively. The calculated standard deviation for the class was a high 2.734648 while our own data had even a higher
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